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Seven’s And Stripes Salutes Slots Oasis Casino Players

7s and Stripes slot game Slots varieties are so many these days and they are so packed with action and entertainment that you could never have a dull moment at a slot machine and especially the theme-based slots. Seven’s and Stripes is a 3-reel one payline slot machine game dominated with its USA flag color scheme, of red, white and blue. There are only two types of symbols, 7s and bars. Coin denominations range between $0.05 and $5.00 per credit, up to 3 credits per spin, with the maximum wager ranging between $0.15 and $15.00. This fun filled slot game pays up to 10,000 coins, which is a helluva lot of money!

There is no real strategy to a game of slots but Seven’s and Stripes is a game with a twist and may be you can apply some strategy like the squirrel strategy. This strategy helps you to enjoy the game, while it helps you to save valuable dollars to be wagered at a later stage perhaps, metaphorically speaking like a squirrel that saves food for a rainy day. This strategy can work only if it is combined with the chicken strategy, wherein it encourages players to play a preset set of bets, and then dump the game especially if you are on a losing spree. So you basically chicken out of the game hence the ‘chicken strategy’.

Seven’s and Stripes is powered by Real Time Gaming and has a progressive jackpot, however no scatter, wild and multiplier symbols, which makes this slot, game very unique. The jackpot can soar up to 5000 coins and is truly an attraction to players. If you sign onto Slots Oasis you can play the very patriotic Seven’s and Stripes, while you wave the star spangled American flag.

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