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Settlement For Bally

The patent infringement case for two slot machine makers has resulted in a settlement for Bally Technologies Inc, seeming to confirm the idea that they did indeed infringe the copyright on rival technology providers International Game Technology in US casinos. An IGT spokesperson, Mariya Barnes, revealed in a statement today that Las Vegas based Bally will get a license to use the technology in questions, which helps the casinos to decide which players deserve promotional bonuses by monitoring their use of the machines.

The terms of the settlement are being kept confidential, but we can certainly anticipate that a large amount of cash must have changed hands, and this will presumably do wonders for IGT’s reputation – not that they will need much of a boost, since they are already the world’s largest slot-machine maker. This whole case began when they sued Bally in 2006 in federal court in Wilmington, Delaware: they said that the  “Power Bonusing” system that Bally had been providing to casinos in the East Coast and Nevada areas was an infringement of the “ACSC Power Winners” technology that they were already using – and, more importantly, that they already had patents on.

It was U.S. District Judge Sue Robinson who ruled in 2009 that Bally had indeed infringed patents belonging to IGT where this slot machine technology was concerned, but at the same time she also ruled that other technologies belonging to Bally (such as the “SDS Power Winners ” “Power Bank” and “Power Promotions”) did not infringe any IGT patents and thus were not subject to any rulings. Now that the case has come to a close, IGT will no doubt be very satisfied with the conclusion that they have managed and the fact that they will be cashing in on Bally’s slot machine games as well as their own for a long time to come. This is a decisive victory in a time when Bally reported that their sales in the quarter ending on the 30th of September were up twenty one per cent from whre they were a year previously.

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