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Responsible Gaming Board’s New Member

When you play at an online casino or land-based casino in America you may not think about any of the details beyond the Fantastic 7s Megaspin game that you are playing and the kind of jackpot that you are hoping to win. However, the American National Centre for Responsible Gaming is just one of many organisations which contribute to the running of the gambling industry in the US, and the NCRG as it is known has just welcomed a new member to their board of directors who certainly has the experience to fit the job.

Mark Lipparelli was a former chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, having just finished his tenure there after four years of service. This certainly gives him a large range of experience and knowledge in the field, and is something which will absolutely contribute to the NCRG’s ability to make the right decisions and recommendations when it comes to the gaming industry in the US. Commenting on the new member, Alan Feldman the chairman of NCRG said in a statement: “We are thrilled to welcome Mark to the board; his deep knowledge and work in the regulatory space within the gaming industry is unparalleled.” Feldman also added that the expertise which Lipparelli brings to the table is something that will help to educate the other regulators about gambling disorders, as well as allowing the NCRG itself to create strategic programs which will address responsible gaming programs for online gamblers to follow, thus making the gambling industry safer for everyone who is involved, from the operators right the way through to the players themselves. Before serving as the chairman of the Nevada regulatory board, Lipparelli also held a wide range of management positions within the gaming industry, which have included companies like Bally Technologies and Casino Data Systems.

The NCRG also welcomed a new secretary and treasurer in the form of Christine Reilly, taking over from Judy Patterson who served in the position since the NCRG was first created back in 1996. It is the only national organisation in the US which is fully devoted to funding research in order to help battle against gambling disorders in adults and in young people. Rather than trying to prevent gambling altogether as some organisations seek to be the correct solution, they are working in association with the American Gaming Association as an affiliated charity in order to try and help those who for one reason or another develop a gambling addiction. The board of directors also includes top representatives from the gaming, public health, and regulatory communities which are related to gambling, and so they are very well placed to make sure that the right steps are taken and that movement is made in the right direction to prevent gambling addiction in the first place by allowing operators to put safe and legal practices into action throughout both online and land-based gambling facilities. They are a recognised charitable organisation.

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