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Re-spin Online Slots Feature

There are a lot of new slots features out there which seem to be developing every day, and to keep you up-to-date with the most recent of them we like to feature one every now and then which you can find out more about. While you may not find re-spins in the more classic popular slots such as Bonus Bears, this is one of the online slot features which seems to come up more and more often recently, particularly when it comes to games which have been developed by Microgaming. You can find a whole list of games developed by this company which feature re-spins, so if you want to look them up you can find in there.

A re-spin is not to be confused with the free spin, as these are two distinctly separate types of feature. In a free spin, you simply get the chance to spin the reels for free whilst using the same payout ratio as you triggered the feature with, whereas in a re-spin you have to do place a further wager in order to take advantage of the feature. The advantage which are re-spin presents is the fact that it allows you to choose one of the reels in front of you to spin again, thereby giving you the chance to line up new symbols and perhaps hit a larger jackpot. This presents a new strategic element to the slot machine games which a lot of online players appreciate, as it means that they can try something different for the very first time. The point of this feature is that if you have for jackpot symbols lining up on the reels and you know that you will win a very big prize if you get a fifth, you get the option of spinning that the wheel again to try and get hold of the maximum price. Unfortunately, one of the elements of this feature is the fact that the higher the potential prizes might be from a re-spin, the more it will cost you, so while the rewards may be great you might also end up paying a lot of cash to go nowhere at all.

It could be argued that this is why online slot free spins are so exciting, as they add another element to the play which is totally unpredictable. It also allows those players who hate the agony of seeing a great bet almost come up get the chance to try again, which can certainly help them to not only get better results but also to be more satisfied with their play. You will be able to recognize re-spin slots because there will be a re-spin button at the bottom of each real, so you really cannot miss them. Some examples of the Microgaming slots which feature re-spin options include Reel Gems, Retro Reels, and Roller Derby. You can find them at most of the online casinos which feature Microgaming software, as these are amongst the newest titles.

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