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Productions Multimage Release Zombie Slots

If you are looking for something that will entertain you as well as having a quirky sense of humour, in the same vein as the Awesome 5 slot, then the latest release from Productions Multimage will certainly interest you. The makers of King Cashing and the recent sequel King Cashing 2 have just announced their new game, Super Zombie Slots. This takes the same kind of format as was seen in their previous games, combining RPG with slot machine elements in order to create a mobile game which you can really enjoy with lots of different elements going on.

This is essentially a reworking of thoughts of the sequel which they recently released, as it is a free version of the same game with a few new extras such as special weapons and animations. Of course, the graphics are all unique to the game, and so if you enjoyed the previous titles there is no reason why you should not download this one as well in order to try out their latest game. Super Zombie Slots will be hitting the App Store next week, and there are plenty of different features to expect, such as several different slot machines in different themed worlds, as well as more than 100 different symbols which will appear on the reels of the machines, and seventy-five different prizes which you have to earn throughout the game. Following the RPG format, in each round you will face off against a zombie with a certain amount of health points, and with each spin of the reels you may either attack the zombie, take some damage yourself, or find extra gold. The idea is to destroy the zombie in each round before you are able to move on to the next part of the game, and you will find yourself advancing throughout various locations to try and find all of the prizes and complete the slots.

It will be certainly very interesting to see how the new free to play model works with the King Cashing format series of games, as this is not something that they have included before, and it may well be that this slots app is more popular than the others which came before it as a result of this feature. You can of course buy upgrades or speed up your play by going into the app itself and purchasing various add-ons, though you may not wish to do this if you are planning to play for free. There is certainly no real cash to be won from playing the game, and so you can consider this a bit of fun only underway to enjoy slot games on the move through your mobile phone devices. You can find out all of the details that you need to know, including the rating and the size of the download, by going into the App Store as soon as the game is launched next week. You will be able to download it here also.

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