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Platoon Slot for iSoftBet

We know that many of our readers enjoy playing military themed slot machine games, such as the ever popular Major Millions Megaspin, and so you will no doubt be excited to hear about the latest film tie-in slot which is going to be coming to slot machine casinos on the Internet. MGM Interactive have signed a deal with iSoftBet to bring the film Platoon from the big screen to the mobile and online gaming platforms, which is sure to excite both fans of the film and of the most exciting types of online slot gaming.

This latest mobile casino slot game to be made by the production team will be based on the 1986 Oscar-winning Vietnam War drama Platoon, which was directed by Oliver Stone. This is just the latest in a long line of branded content which has been produced by iSoftBet, following in the footsteps of their Basic Instinct slot game and other offerings. Platoon will be coming to online and mobile casino is in the near future, as it has not yet been fully developed, with the latest announcement just being that the deal has been made for it to go ahead. The company are continuing to expand their offerings, and they have recently enjoyed a bit of success as a result of their portfolio. Business Development Manager Nir Elbaz said: “Our branded games collection has gone from strength to strength over the last year, and with the addition of ‘Platoon’ to our catalogue, we’re confident that our customers will be thrilled by what we have on offer.”

Of course, the company still has a lot of work ahead of it if it wishes to truly challenge the traditional powerhouses such as Microgaming, but there is no doubt that they have begun to head in the right direction, increasing the quality of slots that they have available in their portfolio and signing some big names to attract their attention. As my luck casinos are starting to gain more and more popularity, their presence is going to grow almost certainly, as they have a good selection of mobile games on offer which will interest the online casino operators who are looking to expand in that direction. The more tie-ins and big brands they are able to get on board, the more popular their offerings are likely to be, as slot machine gamers really enjoy the chance to play with characters that they recognize and to relive film scenes that they enjoy. We will have to keep an eye on this slot machine developer in the future, as they seem determined to release huge portfolio of new slot games which have interesting features or themes, so it may well be that some new high-end announcements ordeals are going to be on the cards in the near future as well. Either way, they are doing well for a company which is most decidedly an underdog in the current industry, which is dominated by just a few key brands.

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