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Pixalim Release Social Slots App

SlotsCrown is a new social slot machine app which has just released for iOS by Pixalim, the developer behind the popular photography entertainment app FaceFlipBook. They are now offering their free slot machine games through mobile versions of the app which are available for iOS 7, including iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, and iPad Air, and they are already available for you to try out as soon as you download and start to play the app. Facebook and Android versions of the app are also planned to be released very soon.

The press release for the app reads, “SlotsCrown is a free social slots machine app packed with fun minigames, your music playlists, and custom slots leaderboard competition with friends!”, and as soon as you download the app you will find lots of retro-styled graphics which will give you the chance to really enjoy the slot games, and which are no doubt going to be enjoyed on plenty of new devices this holiday season. All you have to do is log in through Facebook in order to connect and play slots with your friends through a fun leaderboard that shows who your top scoring friends are at the moment. You can also see who the current king of the game is, with a throne which is occupied by the person with the highest score at the moment. Using the Facebook profile picture of the player who has the highest score each time really makes a personalised gameplay experience, and there are dozens of custom levels to play which include some of the most popular casino slot machine themes in the world, such as pirates, cakes, beach, space, and even candy, just to name a few of those that are available.

“We take an artisan approach to our app making. Every pixel, sound, and experience is created from scratch with the user’s final experience being the key focus from the ground up,” commented Wade Sisco, Founder and Principal of Pixalim Studios Corporation. You will also be able to enjoy interactive mini game awards which activate during gameplay in order to make sure that you will always having a great time, with classic favourites such as a spinner, memory card match, and more that you will no doubt recognise. There are VIP pay line and bed level increases for those who wish to upgrade their accounts, but everyone can enjoy killer game graphics and fantastic animations, all presented in a smooth style that looks and feels fantastic. You will also find interactive chances to compete with your friends throughout the app, and there will no doubt be sharing features added with the Facebook launch so that you can brag about your successes, share boosts with friends, and get more out of the experience as a whole. Pixalim Studios is a relatively new venture which was founded in 2012, and so we are looking to this app to tell us whether or not they are going to be one to watch in the future.

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