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Voters in the country have shown their approval of Palm Beach slots, placing their opinions in a referendum that unfortunately will not have much in the way of immediate effect. The decision will be made by either state legislature or the courts, but this does at least show that the citizens of the county are ready and willing to see some slot machine action – so there can be no cries from the opposition that it is not what the people want.

Currently, the only venue with plans to install any slot machine games should the decision be a positive one is the Palm Beach Kennel Club, which currently features table games and wants to open slot machines by the year 2015. “Without the endorsement from the county, it would be a pretty lame argument,” said Kennel Club Vice President Joseph Rooney. “This is what gives us the biggest win, the fact that the people have spoken. They want this.”

Opinions from locals seemed to be rather ambivalent, as if this is not an issue that gives them much to think about at all. Forty seven year old Sonya Putlack from Boynton Beach argued that since gambling is already available in the county, adding another type of gambling is neither here nor there. “If they’re already licensed for gambling, then I don’t think there’s any problem with having slot machines,” she said. Meanwhile fifty eight year old Diane Wiser argues that the county is only losing revenue to nearby areas by not having them: “I just don’t think our money should be going down to Broward,” she said. Local man Mike Jones was heading up a pro slots committee known as the Coalition for More Jobs, Better Schools and a Stronger Economy, and he says that local businesses were fully in support of the idea because of the revenue that it would bring to the area, adding that tax revenue could easily boost education funding and make the lives of those in Palm Beach so much better as a direct result, with suggestions that they could add two hundred jobs to the Kennel Club.

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