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Paid For Harassment

It has come to light recently that a former managing director of the Star Casino in Sydney was sacked for inappropriate behaviour towards a female member of the staff – but not before receiving almost $200,000 as part of his termination package. When a man is fired for such a serious allegation, it just seems wrong that he should be paid off for it – particularly with an amount of money that comes to just under half of the wage that he has earned so far in the year. Just because you are in charge of a few slot machines, why should reprehensible behaviour like this be rewarded?

The pay off means that Sid Vaikunta does not have to work for months, and he will still see no loss in regards to his normal lifestyle and salary. Of course, if he gets a job during that time, he will be able to earn even more money: and since he denies the allegations that have been placed against him, it seems likely that he might get picked up for more work soon. Echo Entertainment have already been in trouble over this matter, as they failed to inform the local gambling authorities that they were facing a situation that was likely to end with Vaikunta’s sacking – something that they are required to do by law.

The details came out on Friday, when the annual expenditure report was released by Echo Entertainment, showing that Vaikunta had received a one off payment of $192,125 on top of his salary of $470,000, meaning that in the financial year he was paid $662,270. In the previous year he had received a salary of $1.95 million, but recent cuts have seen salaries slashed across the board. Echo’s CEO, Larry Mullins, was forced to take a pay cut of $2.7 million last year.

This is one of the many land based problems that online casinos are able to avoid, since there is no need to regulate the behaviour of employees when they are a small team working over the internet. Frankly, it shows one of the areas in which the casino industry is the most lacking: equal treatment of the sexes. While men are CEOs and hold powerful positions, women are still relegated to dealing cards in bikinis and serving drinks in lingerie, and it is one of the most striking failings of casinos as a whole.

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