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Pacgor Slots Investment

We are hearing reports this week about a Pacgor slots investment which will see the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp upgrading their nationwide slot machine system, by integrating all of its units around the country into one single network. A statement from the company said that this was in order to keep their operations in line with international best practices.

They said that the new system will cost them P516 million, but will also mean that the cumbersome manual system which is used for validating, documenting, and paying winnings from slot machine games will no longer be an issue. “The SMS procured by Pagcor will connect 5,083 machines installed in 18 different casinos and arcades nationwide,” the statement read. Pacgor are currently the last and only slots operator in the world to use a manual system, so this will bring them up to modern standards and give them a better way of working overall.

Ninety per cent of casinos in the US use the Tito redemption system, which stands for Ticket In, Ticket Out. All casinos in Macau and Singapore also use this system, and though Agham partylist representative Angelo Palmones claimed that this move would be disadvantageous to the government, Pacgor had a quick response. “Since these world-class casinos use the Tito-based system for their slots operations, it is incorrect to say that this is already obsolete,” they said. “The system has several enhanced functions and the Tito component is only a small part of it. “Included in its other functions are audit, internal controls, financial accounting and monitoring, patron management and marketing modules.”

The new system is intended to minimise errors that are caused by human mistakes, generate reliable player information on a real time basis so that it can actually be used in a more handy way, provide greater operational efficiency for all of the casinos in the country, and enhance the gaming experience for the customers, which is of course one of the most important things of all here. While the plan has those who speak out against it, it seems like a solid move on Pacgor’s part.

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