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Online Casino and Progressive Slots

What is so fantastic about online casino slots as compared to machines housed in brick and mortar casinos? The answer is simple; online casino sites have payout percentages to nearly 95% or in some cases, even more on each of their primary slots. Traditional land casinos do not offer these incentives. If you can find one, then it’s your lucky day. Most traditional casinos do not even offer a 90% pay out percentage. This simply means that if you play online, (choose the good ones) you have a 5% more chance at winning, which is a respectable margin for any gambler out there. However, the higher percentage edge does not guarantee that you will definitely win, as the house still holds a 2 to 5% edge, but chances of winning are still higher, if you are game to try that is.

Most online casino gamblers concentrate on the slot machine games; notice how even if you are a table player, you sometimes cannot resist making a pit-stop at the slots? The same rule applies to online casino players. In the gambling arena, it is not about which casino you play at, but more what the software offers in terms of features to increase your chances at winning. Each of this online casino software have their own exclusive lines of progressive slots.

What are progressive slots you might ask?

This is how it basically operates; all online casino sites use four major gambling software brands for their sites.

Microgaming is one of the most popular ones as it has the most slots available on the Internet.

Cryptologic offers software which is highly sophisticated and heavy graphics, plus the entertainment factor ranks high with this one.

Playtech used to be a major contender on table themed games, but has since developed exponentially as the software provider for video slot games.

The last one (but not least) is Odds On Gaming, previously of dubious quality, but has since redeemed itself remarkably featuring some of the best casino slots online.

All these software providers possess their own unique processes to entice the average online casino gambler.

Progressive slots are not restricted to brick and mortar gambling casinos. Did you know that some of the largest jackpots winnings were achieved online? For example, The Millionaire’s Club (thanks to the genius of Cryptologic’s software creators) has exceeded wildest expectations by doling out first $2 million, then $3 and finally $4 million dollars in jackpots. Not to be outdone, Playtech and Microgaming have also given out millions of dollars in winnings each year. Microgamings’s ‘King Cashalot’ is one example of progressive slot that attained the millions, whilst Playtech’s progressive slot ‘Safe Cracker’ have recorded constant hits, albeit in lower jackpot winnings.

There are numerous other progressive jackpot games online for blackjack and roulette and also video poker. Microgaming’s ‘Major Millions’ progressive slots is a 3 reel, 3 line and $3 maximum bet that starts out with an amazing $250, 000 jackpot, and make no mistake, it does hit quite often.

Gamblers new to a casino online and feeling very lucky should start playing progressive slots games. The jackpots are the biggest as the prize money comes from contribution from multiple casinos.

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