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New Transylvania Slot

Something that is really making waves at a few online casino sites is the new Transylvania slot game, which has just landed in a few places and is attracting a lot of attention from players. The reports coming out of Crystal Spin Casino, for example, suggest that it is breaking all precedents with the amount of attention that it has attracted as a new game.

“The flavor of the month is always popular,” said Crystal Spin casino manager Darren Fargo. “Players always like to try new games, for sure. But this is just crazy – it’s like they’ve forgotten we have other games, they’re playing this one so much.”

The game is a video slot with twenty pay lines, providing a lot of great entertainment for those that chose it – and it certainly looks set to beat their other slot machine games with the level of fun and excitement that it is creating. There is an “Escape the Castle” bonus game in which you can win some extra cash, as well as a free spins feature which can get you up to twelve times multipliers on your payouts. You can bet up to $5 a line, which when you cover all of the pay lines could add up to $100 a spin – but the payouts are also large. The bonus game has you selecting one of several amulets and then of several doors to help you escape the castle – and then choosing a coffin in which you will find the vampire’s treasure.

“I was a little startled when I had a bunch of howling wolves and some very ghoulish looking faces staring at me on my first spin!” said one player. “But it’s all in good fun. The Bonus Game is a real treat!” The wild symbol is represented by a werewolf thirsty for fresh meat, which really gives you a huge bonus when you add up five of them on the same pay line. There are also symbols such as spiders as well as haunted houses, making this a great atmosphere slot game – and one that will certainly bounce back into popularity at Halloween, when the theme really comes into fashion.

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