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New Slot Game for Mac

If you are feeling a bit tired of the current selection of games that you can play on your Mac, such as the classic Crazy 7 game, then you will be excited to hear about the new slot game which has been developed for Mac OS X by Vasilek Games. The app is set to be called Slots Tale, and the first version will have three fascinating locations to explore, followed by another table which will be released soon to complete the first block of games to be entitled European Legends. The app is expected to be published on the Mac App Store later on this month, so keep an eye out for it.

There are plenty of slot machine games which are developed for iOS to be used on iPhone or iPad devices, but creating them for Mac OS X is not something which we have seen a lot of recently. Those that do exist often feature very common themes and do not have the kind of features that you would expect from modern games, such as the opportunity to get free spins, and any kind of bonuses. Thankfully, the team behind Slots Tale have managed to do something a little different, and be free to download app has a lot of features which are sure to satisfy you whenever you are looking for entertainment. You can get cascades spins and re-spins in some locations, as well as bonuses, doubles, and free games. It is relaxing and exciting at the same time, with lots of nice surprises such as the chance to get free credits every four hours, a daily lucky dip which might give you more free credits, the opportunity to tell a friend about what you are playing, and awards for playing the game and then sharing your results on Facebook. Combine this with wonderful graphics, smooth animations, and great music, and this means that you have a hit.

Though the initial starting credits balance is provided to you for free along with the download of the app, giving you 1000 credits to play with, you may find that getting free credits every four hours is not enough if you really like the app, which is why there is a great chance to make in app purchases and download more credits into your account. You can change the number of lines that you play as well as your bet pay line at any time, so if you do not wish to purchase more credits you can simply lower the amount that you are betting each time and play that way. You can play the whole game without purchasing anything, but if you want to speed up your move to the next location then you can buy Fairy Dust through the app itself in order to boost your progress. This will certainly help you to move to the next level quicker, and it may speed up your excitement as well by giving you access to more features.

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