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New Panda Slots From TopGame

If you are looking to play a new game on your iPhone or iPad which will give you the chance to enjoy slots whenever you want to, then try out the latest free slot games to be released by TopGame. The Panda Slots app has been described as the “coolest multi-slot experience” which you can find on your Apple device, and offers you the chance to collect big payouts and lots of thrills while you play with virtual credits in the palm of your hand. If you like the idea of the panda theme then you will be sure to absolutely love this one!

Each of the machines in the slot app has a unique play style for you to enjoy, with massive amounts of fun ready to be had as you explore all of the variations. You will get the experience of playing Las Vegas style slots on your iPhone or iPad, or even your iPod Touch if you have a compatible device. It has raised some attention recently in the App Store and is waiting to be downloaded right away, having launched recently. There are lots of varying play styles which should help to ensure that everything stays interesting and you have a lot of fun, there is fast paced tumbling reel action which means that you can keep winning again and again in a short space of time, you can try out a respin mode if you would like to try to make your wins even bigger, and you can get extra bonus chips on the hour every hour if you want to be sure that you can carry on playing for free any time that you like. If you run out of chips while you are playing, you always know that at the very most you only have an hour to wait before you can start to play again!

One of the most exciting features here, which not all slot game apps for mobile devices have, is the chance to play in offline mode if you would like to do so. You do not need to have an internet connection to play the slot games which are available here, which makes it so much easier to enjoy it and means that you do not have to drain your phone’s internet allowance if you cannot get connected to the Wi-Fi – and you do not have to worry about dropping the connection halfway through a game! You will see cute cartoon panda characters throughout the app showing you all of the features and helping you to celebrate your wins, and you can find various interesting game themes, including one which centres around Las Vegas itself and the exciting world of land based casinos. You can also find a special feature which might grant you up to as many as fifty free spins in one go, so you should absolutely make sure to look out for that if you want to play for as long as possible!

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