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New Hit it Rich Slots

Online entertainment and social gaming giants Zynga have just released a new Hit It Rich! series of free slots based around celebrity appearances and popular figures, many of them from television. The entertainment icons who appear in the games create a more lifelike and entertaining casino experience, which is now available around the world through Facebook and soon will also be available for download for mobile devices. The app offers new ways to play with exciting themes that are sure to have players enjoying themselves with full screen and multimedia slots experiences.

Some of the icons who are featured in the app include Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, whose featured slots game includes images such as her signature beehive hairdo, blood red lipstick, and other signature looks that you will recognise. There is also a game which features the family from Duck Dynasty, and coming soon there is also the chance to play Sex and the City themed games featuring Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. You can of course connect with your friends through the game for a fully immersive play experience that brings the feeling of playing slot machines on the casino floor right to your own laptop. There is beautiful art work in the games as well as smooth animations, and authentic sounds, which combine with bonus games, challenge modes, social gifting, and more to create a fantastic experience which does justice to all of the brands involved. There are already plenty of other iconic shows and films included in the Hit It Rich game, such as the Wizard of Oz slots, which are the only official online slots centred around the film. 2014 will mark the seventy fifth anniversary of the classic movie, so now is certainly a great chance to start playing.

“Hit It Rich! is a new kind of online social casino experience that blends iconic entertainment with the excitement of slots game-play to deliver players the most fun and engaging casino games,” said Joe Kaminkow, Chief Game Designer of Hit It Rich! at Zynga. “Hit It Rich! is the first and only social casino game to provide a deep range of styles from branded to cartoon to fantastical to bring our players a new level of online slots gaming.” This is just the latest addition to the social Casino franchise which Zynga are behind, including their original Zynga Poker game, and you can find plenty more information about the app by visiting the app page in Facebook. Several of the icons who are involved in the game itself have spoken out to their fans about the release, letting them know just how great it is going to be. “I’m so excited to hook up with Zynga! Now my fans can get lucky with me in my new Hit It Rich! slots game,” said Elvira. “Together we can share our favorite jack-pot moment or just kick back and watch my sexy self spin across the screen.”

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