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New Giant Slots at Pechanga

Those who visit the Pechanga Resort and Casino will of course expect to be able to find a large range of slot machine games on offer, but they might be surprised to find the latest installation there. This gigantic eight headed monster slot machine game is the first of its kind in the Western United States, and really catches the eye, standing at 12 foot tall. Call the Titan 360, this game was released by Konami Gaming Inc, and it offers eight different seats for players to sit at around a central console station which allows each player to still have their own individual game screen.

According to the statement from Pechanga, “The multi-station slot machine seats eight players in a round configuration that features a three-tier bonusing system, which if triggered, engages the glass-enclosed upper part of the unit. The Titan 360 utilizes mechanics of pinball, graphics of modern video games and the excitement of state-of-the-art slot machines. With the West Coast launch of the revolutionary new Titan 360 multi-player slot machine this week at Pechanga Resort & Casino, Konami Gaming, Inc. continues to establish itself as a gaming manufacturer committed to creating innovative new products designed to attract customers by delivering unique experiences.” If you are twenty-one years of age or older, then you can already play on the Titan 360 at Pechanga now, and it is sure to cause a lot of waves as people try out the game and see what it is like. By all accounts, it provides something which is really unique, not just in the size and the scale of the machine itself but also in the gameplay that it provides, and the ways in which you were able to win. This is something which will certainly offer something new to those who are feeling a little bored of playing the same old slots.

“Titan 360 is unlike anything ever seen on a casino floor. Pechanga is large venue, so it is an ideal location for the Titan 360,” said Ross O’Hanley, vice president of North American sales at Konami, in the press release. “Titan 360 was designed to create excitement by providing a multi-sensory gaming experience that delivers thrilling, high-frequency bonus events.” One thing is for certain: if you are looking for the Titan 360, you cannot miss it, as there are video screens at the top of this machine which display the name of the game and provide something unique for players to enjoy. Players who have already visited the casino since its launch are thrilled with the system, which includes a pinball like system which has a ball spinning around the top of the machine and waiting to see which of the slots around the outside it will drop into. Each of them is marked with a monetary value all with a diamond symbol, and whichever one it hits is the one which will pay out to the players sitting around the outside of the machine.

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