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New Bangaroo Casino

It looks like all of the pieces of the puzzle are finally sliding into place for James Packer, as he has finally been given the go ahead for his new Bangaroo casino. Cabinet approval is expected to be announced on Monday, after the shadow cabinet gave their thumbs up earlier this week. In order for the proposal to pass the upper house, changes to casino laws needed to go ahead, and these have now been ensured.

The proposal will see a six star rated casino rise in Bangaroo, and after much deliberation the opposition leader, John Robertson, told his fellow cabinet members that Sydney needed the high rollers room in the casino in order to pay for the six star casino that it is so desperately crying out for. It is now understood that Premier Barry O’ Farrells cabinet will be formally accepting the proposal, which is being treated as unsolicited, on Monday, and that this will then move the whole project on to the stage in which it must be given detailed consideration. It is understood that this is not the first casino deal to pass before the current government, and indeed former premier Morris Iemma raise the point that rival firms such as Accor, the Four Seasons, and Hilton are all also capable of producing six star hotels with ease.

Though details have not yet been announced, it is understood that the new Packer casino might launch in 2019, when the current one casino license given to the Star runs out. This is worth $100 million to the government, and a new deal such as this one could advance their capabilities even further. When the new casino opens it is sure to be on a massive scale: you can most likely expect slot machine games in their thousands, hundreds of table games to choose from, many restaurants offering different forms of cuisine, spa and health services that are open to guests, nightclubs and bars, retail shopping areas, live entertainment spaces, and of course hundreds if not thousands of high quality hotel rooms and suites.

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