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New Bahamas Casino

Tours were taken recently of the construction site that will become the new Bahamas casino, and excitement is high as we wait to see what this one can offer. It is going to be a huge development costing around US $3.5 billion by current estimates, and it will be the largest single phase luxury resort development in the whole of the Caribbean. With an opening date set for December 2014, the work is already one third of the way through with contractors saying that they are currently on schedule to get everything done in time.

The new haven for slot machine games and tables is going to be based in Nassau, and will include a hotel that contains three thousand five hundred rooms – with which they intend to redefine the whole lodging experience that you can expect in the Western Hemisphere. The number one priority now for both the government and the developers is to create enough airline seats to meet what will surely be an increased demand, with current estimates looking to add around five hundred thousand more. People will be coming to the Baha Mar site in their droves – and that can only be a good thing for the local economy.

“Already we are in talks with the airlines and are looking at what ways the resort will have an impact on the country,” says the country’s Director General of Tourism David Johnson. Already a new airport has been built at a cost of $140 million to the government, which has given a fifty per cent increase in capacity to the country as well as adding ten new aircraft bridges and four swing gates. The airport can now accommodate more than five million passengers, which is good news for this country.

“Baha Mar will be the enclave of excitement and glamour of our generation – the new Riviera,” said Saun Lightbourne, director of destination marketing. The resort is fully owned by the Izmirlians, a Swiss/Armenian family who reside in the Bahamas, though it is in part being financed by the EXIM Bank – with $2.6 billion from them and the rest from the owners.

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