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New Amsterdam Masterplan Slots

Amsterdam Masterplan slot

If you have ever seen the remake of the new Italian Job film, then you will love the new Amsterdam Masterplan slots which are based on the movie and showcase images and characters from it on the reels. This is a great slot game which has all of the right features to make it interesting, and it also has an amusing twist in the fact that it is set in Amsterdam rather than in Italy as if the characters from the 2003 film were taking part in another job.

You will see some famous actors and actresses who took part in the film, such as Mark Wahlberg, Edward Norton, and Charlize Theron, so you can enjoy watching them on the reels and recognising them as they give you some great matches and allow you to get the big wins that you are looking for. There are great 3D graphics which really represent the best of modern slot machine games so that you can enjoy a smooth experience with some real depth to it, and there is a classic five reel and twenty pay line format too so that you will know exactly what to expect.

The storyline behind the slot is that our favourite group of crooks have decided to pull off the heist of their lives, by trying to rob the biggest casino in Amsterdam, much like in the plot of Ocean’s Eleven – though this time there are only three of them to try and do it. You will help them to put all the pieces in place, and if you manage to rob the casino then you get a huge jackpot payout – with a maximum win of $40,000! The other features of the game include a free spins feature which can give you a lot of bonus payouts and matches, and some bonus rounds too, including a cash bonus, a wheel of fortune which will decide the size of your prize, and a double up feature in which you can make your winnings even bigger – if you dare to take the risk of losing!

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