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Nevada Revenue Rising

For a little while, it has been somewhat in question whether Nevada casinos have been able to produce the kind of profits that we have come to expect. Could a financial slump together with the advent of online gambling finally be dealing the death blow to the casino industry? Today though many reassurances have been made about the future of gambling in general, as revenue rises by seventeen per cent on last year’s performance.

It is not slot machines or roulette wheels that are to be held responsible for this upswing in profit for the casinos, nor is it high rollers taking in high stakes poker games following the World Series of Poker, or even a result of increased tourism to the area. Instead this trend has been mostly put down to the renewed popularity of baccarat, a game that has seen heavy play recently after hitting the news for a variety of reasons and favours casinos over bettors to ensure that those running the show make as much profit as they possibly can.

Profits in July 2011 in the state were at $860 million, while yesterday July 2012 was revealed to have produced $1.005 billion for the casinos. This is the first time since September 2008 that casinos in Nevada have managed to top the seven figure milestone, a remarkable achievement which surely demonstrates to any doubters that land based American casinos are still going strong. This will be very reassuring to those who have invested heavily in the industry, as even Macau was looking to be slowing down and that, for a while, was a cause for much concern in financial circles. Hopefully, this trend will continue – for the casinos’ sakes, at least.

You can be sure that the traditionally popular casino games are still receiving attention, too: there is plenty of call for the slot machine games, although one must speculate that it is just as exciting to play on a machine as it is on a computer. The one problem that online casinos face is in the realm of games that are normally played against opponents and therefore normally have a face and voice rather than just a screen, as doubtless many people do prefer to play against real people than to play against only a computer robot or someone across the other side of the world that is only represented by a screen name.

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