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Movie Themed Slot Games

We all love a good movie, and the amount of films out there which centre on casino gambling is really quite something. We like to watch our hobbies on the big screen, and with the modern era of slot games we have opportunities such as that provided by Iron Man 2 – the chance to play games in our hobby that are based on what we have seen on the big screen, flipping the trend the other way around. It is always a whole lot of fun to be able to play games based on our favourite things, and where movies are concerned there is a lot of material on offer which we can access very easily.

King Kong is one of the great slot machine games which has been enjoyed online by a lot of players, and while there is one which is based on the most recent movie incarnation, we prefer the version that you can find at 888. This uses a more classic take on the story as a whole, starting with the 1933 version and moving up to the most recent to bring in elements which appear in all of them – such as the dashing hero, the ship, the roaring dinosaur, and the manacles which held Kong in place. You can also play a special bonus round in this one, in which three wild King Kong symbols will give you the King Kong Goes Ape bonus feature for the chance to win a lot more cash. One of the real classic slots based on movies is the Gladiator game; perhaps its popularity stems from the fact that the movie itself was such a huge hit at the time, with plenty of fans today. The lauded slot game features images of the central characters of the movie, such as those played by Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix, and so you can relive the moments of the movie that you remember, also getting the chance to watch short clips and play bonus rounds.

Gone With The Wind is an interesting and unique slot game produced by PartyGaming, which has all of the hallmarks of the great classic movie which has been enjoyed for generations. You can remember the tale of Scarlett and Rhett Butler through the symbols on the reels, which include images of them as well as popular items which played a part in the plot, such as trains and ball gowns. There is also a Braveheart slot which was created by Cryptologic in conjunction with Paramount Digital Entertainment, which gives you the chance to play a game based on the popular Mel Gibson vehicle – and their deal also included around twenty other movies, including titles such as Ghost and Forrest Gump, so there are plenty of well known favourites that you can find to play from Cryptologic software. You could also try the Rocky slots created by Playtech, the well known line of Marvel slots which covers all of the recent movies, the Dark Knight trilogy, and many more.

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