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MotorCity Introduces Player Bonus

MotorCity Casino in Detroit is set to debut a new and innovative electronic bonus system which will make its gaming hall all the more interactive for those of their players who are winning at slots machines. The land-based casino industry is facing heightened competition, and this new $1 million system is set to place MotorCity at the forefront of their competitors, as it has been developed over the past year by an in-house team of software engineers and IT specialists you have put their best skills to the test in order to create something that is truly unique for the casino.

The system includes flatscreen televisions which are set above the majority of nearly 3000 slot machine games within the casino. The screens display personalised messages targeted towards players, including betting on bonus amounts for slot machines in way of an advertisement, as well as informing gamers of substantial prizes which have just been one by other customers so that everyone can see what kind of jackpots you can win if you take the chance to play the games. Revenue has fallen that casinos throughout Detroit this year, though the drop has been minimal at MotorCity. Other casinos in the city include examples such as the MGM Grand Detroit, as well as the Greektown Casino. The competition from nearby casinos in Ohio is blamed for the decline in business throughout the city, and casinos are now struggling to find ways to lure back their customers, usually through promotions, giveaways, and even improvements to their facilities. MotorCity has decided to go down a more aggressive route, by completely revamping their environment on the gaming floor and creating new ways to provide real-time interaction for their players even as they are taking part in the very games themselves.

The new system works in conjunction with dozens of data points which are tracked through the gaming cards that a player will put into the system, and will reward customers with extra playing cash when they have gone for a significant stretch of time without winning a game or when they are celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday. The player will be alerted to their reward through the flatscreen television above his or her gaming machine while they play, and a series of flashing lights on the screen will also notify players if another game on the same floor has managed to win a significant prize. John Policicchio is the vice president of marketing at the casino, and he says that the goal is to promote greater interactivity, particularly among younger customers who are used to being sent personalised messages through second screen bonuses and videogames. There are original idea was to integrate the system within the slot machines, but this was a compromise which had to be reached. “We believe the future of the brick and mortar gaming experience is tied to interactive technology like what we’ve built with the bonus engine,“ said Dave Nehra, MotorCity’s chief information officer and vice president of information technology.

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