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Microgaming Slot Launch

Microgaming Slot Launch‘The Great Galaxy Grab’ is the name of the 400th innovative game launch of the the world’s largest provider of online gaming software – Microgaming, who is proud to introduce the new game. Microgaming demonstrates with this flagship release its dedication towards delivering exceptional quality games that have amazing graphics and player functionality. The Great Galaxy Grab entertains with its features in ultra modern, CGI-style 3D graphics that include Captain Bronzebeard and his robotic crew, who travel throughout the galaxy in order to find Bronzebeard’s beautiful wife Scarlett and the precious heart she has stolen from his ship, the Galactic Galleon.

Each level is offering a completely different and exciting gaming experience, where players are invited to travel across the galaxy. If players have stopped playing the game and want to come back to it another time, the game’s cutting-edge technology comes into play and remembers the player’s last position so that they may return to their location.

The background changes inside the base game as the player progresses from one thrilling location to the next and six different and diversely rewarding bonuses are offering numerous opportunities to claim up to 10 Free Slots Spins at a time, each with 3x multipliers, which creates a truly ‘out of this world’ player experience.

For over a decade Microgaming has been the leader in innovative gaming solutions and the launch of its 400th game signals a momentous achievement for the esteemed company. Microgaming also demonstrates with this release its ability to create own market-leading brands and not just relying on existing branded content for every game release.

Microgaming CEO, Roger Raatgever says: “The Great Galaxy Grab has all of 400 downloadable casino games and more. Microgaming continuously delivers fresh innovative games, entertainment, excitement and big wins for players. Our ability to lead the industry into the future of innovative online gaming is shown in the advanced 3D graphics and captivating storyline.”

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