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MegaZebra Launches New Facebook Slots

MegaZebra, the social media gaming developer behind titles such as Mah-jong Trails and Solitaire Castle has just revealed that its new Facebook game is set to be called Diamond Slots, which offers a twist on the traditional slot machine games that you may expect. This is no Gold Rush – not only will you be playing for free as befits the social media setting, but you will also be aiming to earn experience points relating to the diamonds and bonus games that you play, rather than standard experience points as they are used in other social media slots platforms.

Players who take part in the Diamond Slots experience will start with just one game to get access to, the Pirates slot machine, which has adjustable levels for bets per line and number of lines selected. A ship will sit at the top of the screen and move across the ocean every time that you make a spin, picking up experience points and bonus coins along the way as it moves past them. The experience points that you collect will be added to a bar at the top of the screen, and every time that you fill the bar you will unlock a diamond for that particular slot machine, which will empty the bar again. After you have unlocked your first diamond, you will be able to collect bombs with your pirate ship, which can be used in mini games to freeze certain symbols on the reels in a wild symbols state. This means that the more diamonds that you have, the more bombs you can collect, and the more wild spaces you can freeze during the bonus game, giving you the chance to unlock more wins as you go on through the game. It means that you can improve your own winning potential just by continuing to play!

Once you have a certain amount of diamonds to your name, you can unlock a new slot machine, with all of the games running on different themes and giving you the chance to try something new. There are options such as an African Safari, in which you have a jeep going across the screen to collect photographs as your bonus round items, and a Mayan Civilisation game with suitable bonus options and graphics as well. Different machines will also offer higher and higher maximum bets as you unlock them as well, so that you can start to grow the amount of in game coins that you have. The game is not officially fully launched and so there are not many slots available yet, but at least one more game is marked as coming soon and so you can certainly expect many more levels to be launched in the future as the game developers work on creating an experience which will allow players to really get into the spirit of the games and play for hours on end. The final launch is expected very soon, as it has soft launched already.

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