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Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot Hit Twice

Mega Moolah slot logo In the past week there have been two wins on Mega Moolah, a famous Progressive Jackpot developed by Microgaming. This is really very exciting news for professional gambling aspirants.

Online casinos like Golden Tiger Casino and Roxy Palace Casino offer this slot machine jackpot. This slot is a multi level Jackpot that provides enhanced prizes. The highest level was won with a prize amount of $1,242,587. Second highest Jackpot was worth $47,081.

Let us view few details about Mega Moolah:
• It was originated as Standalone Progressive Slot. The origin dates back to November 2006.
• The next year onwards it was won with $4.3 Million followed by increased amounts of $5.6, $6.4 Million.
• The game satisfies the player expectations
The statistics reveal the following facts:
• Last year the Mega Moolah awarded jackpots at a frequency of one in every four days
• $33,000 was the Average Payout

Mega Moolah slot Resets:
• Major – $10,000
• Minor – $100
• Mini – $10

The surprising victories on Mega Moolah has prompted the provider Microgaming to add to the variety of popular Mega Moolah slots. Currently the slots variations of Mega Moolah are:
• Mega Moolah slot
• Mega Moolah Five Reel Drive slot
• Mega Moolah Summertime slot
• Mega Moolah Isis slot

Thus it is clearly observed that Mega Moolah has achieved a great name in Progressive Jackpot Slots. It has been a great success from both the Operator end and the Player end. At the Operator end this game has achieved great success and customer base. At the Player end this game provides more prize amounts. Apart from this game also provides excellent varieties and great opportunities.

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