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Marvel Slots To Disappear

We heard recently how a very popular brand of superhero themed slots are set to disappear from casinos in the US, and possibly elsewhere in the world. Although favourite titles such as Awesome 5 are safe, which is sure to be music to players ears, some other very popular games may be under threat, including the Marvel titles which we all know and love. In order to let you know which games you should be playing more often at the moment to get your chance in before they disappear, we are providing an overview here of all of the Marvel slots games which have already been released.

Thor the Mighty Avenger is a slot game which features the Norse god of thunder, and one of the most recent film releases from the Marvel series also featured him quite prominently. This game however is based on the 2011 movie which first launched his new incarnation onto our screens, with Australian actor Chris Hemsworth playing him alongside a supporting cast which includes Natalie Portman and Stellan Skarsgard. This was released in December 2012, and is one of the newest titles to be added to the collection. In contrast, one of the longest running games was the Fantastic Four slot, which has twenty pay lines and five reels, a video slot which was one of the first to come out and really impress us. It has one of the most original features that you will enjoy from slot machine games, and features images from the movie which highlight all four of the popular superhero characters. We have not seen these characters on our screens for a while, and with Marvel focusing on X-Men and the Avengers for the moment, we may not see them again until this franchise is rebooted.

Talking of the X-Men, they also have their own game, based on the movie which first brought Hugh Jackman into the role of Wolverine which he is now famously associated with. This game has five reels and twenty-five pay lines, with extra features which include a wild symbol, extra wild symbols to give you even more chances to win, scatter symbols, the bonus X-Feature round, free games, and access to the Marvel multilevel mystery progressive jackpot which many of the games share. The Incredible Hulk slot game is another very popular option, which is twenty-five pay lines with a fifty pay line version if you want to have more ways to win. This means that you can choose one to suit your budget, which is very useful for those who are trying to play without making another deposit. The Iron Man and Iron Man 2 games are both very popular too, each featuring characters from the popular series of movies including Tony Stark himself, as played by Robert Downey Junior. You will also recognise other characters from the series on the reels, just as you would expect from other games in the series such as Daredevil and even Blade.

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