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Man Punches Slots

Over in Newcastle today, you will hear a new joke – the one where the man punches slots in order to take out his frustration over the fact that he lost what is said to have been “thousands of pounds” through playing the games. A forty five year old man named as Mustafa Dogan was playing in the Aspers Casino when he had a sudden fit of range, and punched the machine with a considerable amount of force.

Staff say that they witnessed the attack on the machine and immediately called the police, feeling concerned that he might cause further damage to the machine, to himself, or to other people in the building, and they swiftly arrived to take care of the situation. Reportedly, despite the fact that he had hit it hard enough to break the machine, he nonetheless continued to feed money into it in an attempt to win back what he had lost already. This bizarre behaviour was put to an end by his arrest for causing criminal damage, with officers saying that he had caused £1,982 worth of damage before he was taken into custody.

He appeared at Newcastle Magistrates’ Court yesterday and pleaded guilty to two charges, one of criminal damage and one of failing to surrender to police bail, saying that he had forgotten to surrender himself to a police station last month – something which you would thing would be quite difficult to slip your mind. However, it seems that justice was not quite served in this case, as he was ordered to pay a compensation amount of £300 – not even enough to cover the cost of the damage to the slot machine games, you will notice, and with no mention of any punishment for his failure to surrender to bail, something which you would have thought the judge would have taken more seriously. Either way, Dogan is now free to wander the streets and punch slot machines some more if he wants to – after all, it seems to lose him less money than actually playing the machines does, so perhaps it would give him greater satisfaction.

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