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Macau Casino Suit

We can report today on a new Macau casino suit – though not, as you might assume, a suit against a casino. In this unusual case, it is actually the casino who is suing some of its players – after they ran up heavy gambling debts with the house and then did not settle up as agreed. The Venetian Sands may be in the control of the eighth richest man in the US, but that does not mean that they are going to let a few million of what is rightfully theirs slip away.

Two Chinese high rollers are the targets of this suit, and it seems that they got a little too into playing the slot machine games at this beautiful casino resort and got carried away. The total that they are looking to recover from the two men is $4.5 million, with the bulk of that being attributed to Zou Yunyu, who owes $3 million. The lawsuit, which was filed on Wednesday with the high court in Hong Kong, looks to seek the full amount, from the woman who was once on a list of China’s richest people and has an estimated fortune of $220 million thanks to her company, the Shanghai Gaoyuan Property Group. It seems odd that a woman of this standing would not pay a relatively small amount in order to just get it settled – though the problem may lie in her loss of personal fortune as a result of this high roller style of living, and there may not be enough money to cover it.

Xie Xiaoqing is the second person that the case is levelled at, a man who owes $1.5 million and happens to be deputy to the provincial legislature in Hubei province, a position of trust that he does not seem to have had any issue with betraying. Though not many details are available to shed further light on the situation, it is assumed that Xiaoqing was playing with his own money rather than siphoning government funds, though clearly he did not have quite as much in his pockets as he thought he might in this case.

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