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Lawyer Dead At Casino

We all know that we take matters into our own hands when we gamble. But the consequences are rarely tragic – as they were for the lawyer dead at a casino in Durban last weekend, who seems to have fallen from a certain height and hit his head to sustain a fatal injury, after what appears to have been a night of heavy drinking.

Ivan Manickum was a 51 year old attorney at law, and his family are insistent that there need to be investigations into his death to rule out foul play. Gabriel Manickum, the brother of the deceased, spoke to local reporters about his doubts. “A close friend of Ivan notified us of his death on Friday afternoon. When I went with family members to the Gale Street mortuary to identify the body we found his face swollen and he had injuries to the back of his head,” he said. “We are in the dark as to what transpired in the hours leading to the tragedy. I was told he was drunk, rowdy and fell, hitting the back of his head on the ground which led to his death. Ivan indulged in alcohol, was rowdy by nature and was a high-stakes gambler but he was not a violent person. My family and I want to know the circumstances of the fatal fall.”

There has as yet been no statement from the casino, but hopefully this story will be resolved soon with the help of CCTV and eye witnesses in order to bring some closure for the members of his family and his friends who may be in doubt, though it seems almost certain this was just a tragic accident. We hope that this serves as a reminder to all that there are certain things you need to be careful of when playing your slot machine games. Do not drink to excess or take drugs, as you put yourself at risk not only of physical harm but also of theft should you happen to win anything. Clearly, this is a situation that you will want to avoid.

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