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Jamaica Pushes for Casino Resort

The Island of Jamaica has become the home to many casinos established by foreign business men looking to take advantage of the gorgeous tropical location provided by the island.

Plans for a new casino resort are founded on the old romantic ideals associated with the Caribbean paradise.

Dennis Seivwright, who is the president of the Trelawny Chamber of Commerce, is pushing for the government to approve the casino Resort proposed for Harmony Cove.

The property proposed would span for one thousand four hundred acres to include the latest in casino game and slot machine game technology.

Although the casino would be a lucrative addiction to the Jamaican Isle religious leaders are not happy with the idea of  permitting ground to be broken on yet another casino resort on the island, especially not one of the incredible size suggested.

Gambling is becoming an inherent part of the Jamaican culture and is becoming an increasing concern of the government as studies are being conducted to see whether or not casinos have contributed to gambling addiction among citizens in Jamaica. Whatever the results of that study are, we can say for sure that a lot has been done to provide a new source of income for the economy and to boost tourism in the area as a result of the slot machine games that are available here.

Kingsley Thomas, the former head of Development Bank of Jamaica and Harmonization Limited, believes that granting a license for the creation of the casino resort and hotel is a great idea that will really help locals to prosper. The $1 billion revenue could lead to various improvements in development throughout the island.

Pressures from religious organizations on the island will most likely lead to great unrest in the area if the Harmony Bay casino gets an approval by the government – but it may well be that they are quelled quickly when the casino opens, as there will be such a rush of income to the area that they will have to acknowledge the fact that it is doing more good than bad for the community as whole.

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