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iOS Rules the Roost for Mobile Gaming

iPhone 5

It seems that when it comes to slots these days, iOS rules the roost for mobile gaming. The evidence comes in the large amount of apps which are developed solely for the platform, ignoring other mobile platforms entirely, and in the game developers who have decided to focus on creating games for Apple devices alone.

With the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad all ready in their various forms to accept any slot machine games from the app store, it is clear to see that developers have a lot of choice that allows them to use iOS in the ways that they want to and get it out to more users than they could if they chose to develop solely for Android or another format. PlayScreen are a leading social and mobile games developer from Baltimore, Maryland, and they have chosen to focus on iOS with the recent release of the Slots Cash app for iPhone and iPad. They offer real money play powered by Betable, unlike other apps which only allow fun play modes and no withdrawal of cash.

“We’ve applied our years of experience to create an amazing casino experience for real-money gamers,” Sherri Cuono, the CTO of PlayScreen, commented. “Our goal is total quality. Quality graphics, quality user interface, and an app that is true to the game of Slots.” It is clear then why they have opted for the most popular devices on the market, which are known for their high quality screens and a dedicated user base.

“It’s exciting to see our partners deliver incredibly polished and entertaining experiences,” Christopher Griffin, Chief Executive Oficer & Founder of Betable commented on the announcement. “PlayScreen’s impressive background in real-money casino games shines through in the quality and excitement of Slots Cash.”

The exclusive partnership which the two firms entered into earlier in 2013 indicates that users can really trust this app, with compliance, fraud prevention, and identity checks all taken care of by the highly reliable Betable, allowing users in the UK to play to their hearts’ content with Slots Cash.

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