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Huge Alberta Slot Jackpot

One lucky player who was visiting the Deerfoot Inn and Casino in Calgary this week managed to walk away with a huge Alberta slot jackpot, which happens to have been the biggest in Alberta’s history. The player managed to scoop $2.5 million on the Diamond Millions machine, which certainly lived up to its name.

“The payment was made in one lump sum,” said Stacey Deeg, Casino Admin & Charity Coordinator. The winner opted not to have their name released to the public or have their picture taken so we cannot give you any more details about them, and while this is a shame it is certain that we have to respect their desire for privacy at this time.

Diamond Millions is a huge progressive jackpot machine which links one hundred and seventy two slot machine games across twenty seven different casinos in Alberta, with every bet made on any of the machines contributing to the total. Million dollar jackpots are won through the games around three to four times per year on average, with the prize fund resetting to one million dollars after it has been paid out. The last win on this particular progressive game was in June 2012, when a lucky player scooped $1.28 million at the Camrose Resort and Casino.

In order to qualify for the jackpot, the player has to put down a bet of three dollars per spin, which is the maximum amount playable on the machine. This seems like a fair exchange for the chance to win millions of dollars, in our eyes! An image of the machine itself has been released, which shows the winning message up on screen: it says “Jackpot Call Attendant – HAND PAY $2,501,464.02”, allowing the winner to see just how much they had won in order to get very excited while trying to get the attention of an attendant. A win like this is very exciting not only for the player but for the staff too, as they get to see the happiness that a big win can bring to someone who plays with their machines!

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