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Horseshoe Casino Parking

Strangely enough, residents of Cincinnati have decided to take offence at the latest casino to be built in Ohio, but not because of the gambling games or the idea that there might be some issues with problem gambling like normal, but because of the Horseshoe Casino parking rates and how high they might be. News outlets are outraged over the fact that the spaces will not be free, and the fact that they may in fact be more than was bargained for.

It is already a given that the slot machine games and tables of the latest Horseshoe Venture will be a success, so perhaps this is just the media’s way of finding something new to talk about in terms of the venture and what the unknown quantities associated with it are. When comparing this latest resort to the other venues within Ohio, many have jumped to the conclusion that the rates will be the same as they are at the Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland, where the parking prices are between $10 and $40. When it opens on the fourth of March we will know for sure, but what we can already say that the parking garage will contain two thousand five hundred spaces as part of the $400 million casino development project.

The way that it works at the Cleveland Casino is that you have to validate your parking, which you can do through a variety of different ways. If you spend $25 in the gift shop, or play one hour of poker, or gamble for thirty minutes and then use your reward card member status, then you will get your parking ticket for free, though in all other cases you will need to pay for it yourself. If you get in before 10am then you pay $10, in before 4pm you pay $12, in after 4pm or at a weekend you pay $10, and for special events the prices are varied between case to case. Representatives of the casino have intimated that this might indeed be the same structure that will be used in Cincinnati.

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