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Honest Casino Janitor

It seems that being a good person really pays in the case of the incredibly honest casino janitor who found some money in a bathroom stall last Friday. This has to be our feel good story of the week, as Meuy Saelee found the money lying unattended and did the right thing by taking it straight to her boss and reporting when and where she had found it so that it could find its way back to the right owner.

Apparently, Saelee, who works at the Thunder Valley Casino near Sacramento in California, was not at first convinced that the huge wad of cash was real. It was, however, and what is more it was a huge amount – $10,000 that a player of slot machine games had cashed out and then forgotten to pick up again after relieving herself. Saelee found it in the early hours at about 2.30am, and through reviewing the CCTV tapes to see who had gone into the bathroom previously the owner of the money was identified – one Linh Hoang.

This Hoang is an unfortunate ending to the story, as once you know a little more about her you may doubt whether or not she deserved to have her cash returned to her. Apparently when she had the money returned to her all she said was “thank you” before continuing on her way, and she was arrested last year for leaving her children at home with no adult supervision while she gambled at Thunder Valley – a habit that she may not have kicked. Still, Saelee got her just rewards: the cleaner, who has been working at Thunder Valley for more than a decade, was given a reward of $500 by the casino – and as a nice extra twist, she elected to share $50 with her manager as the two of them were both involved in getting the money back to where it belonged. While it may have gone to a problem gambler who would have been better off at home with her children, we can at least commend Saelee for her honest in a situation where not many people would have done the same.

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