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Gunpoint Casino Robbery

It seems that all we can do on this site is bring you news of gunpoint casino robbery, but these incidences are becoming so widespread across the US in particular that they almost start to eclipse any other kind of news. Another story has come to us today, this time of an elderly woman who was robbed whilst leaving the River City Casino, in Lemay, St Louis.

A sixty three year old woman and her sixty one year old friend has been enjoying the slot machine games at the casino when they left in order to get home and finish the night’s gambling off, but before they could leave they were stopped in the parking garage by one suspect, who wielded a gun. Although neither of the players were hurt, the sixty three year old had her purse stolen along with the keys to her 2012 Hyundai Sonata, which was driven away by the suspect immediately.

A call to the police led to the vehicle’s information being broadcast to all surrounding departments, and it was later spotted and chased by a police vehicle into unincorporated North County. There four juveniles who were inside the car were arrested and taken to the St Louis County Juvenile Justice Center, though it has not been made clear what their names or ages are or if one of them was the individual who carried out the robbery. The items that were stolen in the woman’s purse were recovered, but the gun was not found at the scene and police are continuing to investigate in order to find it and get the concrete evidence that they need as to who the perpetrator was. Hopefully this story will unfold more and the criminal will be brought to justice, along with his cohorts – though it is disheartening to think that the person who robbed two vulnerable old women at gun point was not even old enough to be taken to the police station instead of the juvenile justice center. Of course it is wrong to commit such crimes at any age, but for a youngster to commit this act is almost unthinkable.

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