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Gold Rally Slot Machine Game

If you are playing slots at an online casino site which uses software developed by Playtech, then one of the games which you are no doubt going to come across right at the start is Gold Rally. This fantastic game has a lot to offer as it is a massively popular progressive jackpot game, meaning that the potential prize which you could win rises higher and higher the further you go before it hits. It has nine reels and eight pay lines, which gives it a really unique format amongst the world of progressive jackpot slots.

The game is of course based on the idea of the gold rush era, when people would mine into the earth with pickaxes and dynamite in search of their fortunes, or go panning for gold in rivers. This is one of the real feathers in Playtech’s cap, as it is a very well known game and has produced a lot of great results over the years. There is a real pedigree to this game as it has been around for quite some time now, and one of the biggest moments that it has produced since it launched was the win of over a million dollars which went to a Chilean player back in 2005. There are nine scatter symbols which can actually come up in every single position on the reels in order to give you a truly massive payout, mega bonus rounds which tie in with the theme, a lot of entertainment, and other features too which add up to make it a slot that stands the test of time. Even though it may not be a 3D video slot with 243 ways to win, like the more modern games which you might have the chance to play, it still has a lot of appeal and is not a game which will be disappearing from the online casinos of the world any time soon.

It often gives out huge jackpots too, as many players around the world have been fortunate enough to find out, and you can really find yourself getting a big payday if you keep coming back on a regular basis. The normal line wins are enough to keep you going for quite some time, and the latest payday which attracted the news was earlier this year for a massive $1,333,602. There have been numerous mega payouts over the years since it launched, adding up to well over $11 million in total, and the average hit that you will see is about $914,000 every sixty one days. This means that just over once a month you can expect to see more news about the payout, and when it does not hit for a few of them at a time, you can be sure that the results of the next hit are going to be truly spectacular. This is the kind of slot that changes lives on a regular basis, and it has a lot to offer going forwards.

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