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Glossy Bingo Launches Slots

When it comes to new software launches, we know that we can always rely on Microgaming, the developers behind titles such as High 5 Megaspin, to bring us something new and exciting. The latest news comes from their partnership with Glossy Bingo, which is allowing the online bingo site to launch an HTML5 mobile platform which offers their games on the go – and their selection is not just limited to bingo games here, as you will also be able to find slot machine games and even casino table classics in the palm of your hand with this new app.

The head of promotions at Broadway Gaming, Ian O’Farrell, said “Following a hugely successful launch of mobile bingo on our Butlers Bingo brand, Glossy Bingo has followed suit and is now live with mobile, enabling players to play their favorite bingo and side games on the move.” This is big news for those who are already signed up to the bingo site and want to be able to enjoy it in a wider range of situations, but there are sure to be great benefits for those who sign up for the first time now as well. O’Farrell was also quick to add that there are going to be a number of exciting new promotions added to the site in order to celebrate the launch of the mobile version, including a four hundred per cent first deposit bonus for those who are able to get in there quickly enough. It will likely be a limited time offer, so if you want it, make sure that you get involved as soon as possible! There is also said to be a very special Christmas bonus which is on the way, so if you are looking to get a bit more festive fun this year – perhaps you need something that you can do in the car on your way to visit an endless stream of relatives – then you may well get the chance to play some slot games for free when you sign up to the mobile app.

David Reynolds, Microgaming’s head of bingo, said that “Bingo and mobile have a natural fit and Microgaming’s HTML5 bingo product has been designed to best serve those operators hoping to capitalize on the expanding mobile gaming market. Broadway Gaming has established itself as a leading operator of bingo sites and Glossy Bingo will benefit greatly from taking our mobile bingo product.” The great thing about bingo sites is that they really do seem to go hand in hand with slot machine games in many ways, as it has always been traditional to find slot machines in the land based bingo halls as well, standing and waiting for players to enjoy them in between the bingo games. This is a great format which always allows for a lot of fun on all sides, and will certainly be a success where the inclusion of software from Microgaming is concerned for this particular venture.

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