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Garbo Casino For Female Players

Mr Green has been releasing a lot of new partnerships lately, and last month they launched another new innovation in the form of a totally new online casino which you can visit now if you would like to. The idea behind it is to target female players, having discovered that those who are most likely to play games such as Gold Rush are women in their mid-40s. Mr Green discovered that very few gaming sites on the Internet are devoted to feel gamblers and targeted towards them, and so this site has been created to target them and give them a place which is set up completely in line with their needs.

With the same team who are also behind the extremely popular Mr Green Casino, offers a fantastic experience for female gamblers, with a generous 100% welcome bonus which is carried over from the same deal that you would find on the main Mr Green site. You can also expect to find free spins aplenty, and there are also plenty of hot games for you to try out such as Net Entertainments Starburst, Jack Hammer, and the popular sequel Jack Hammer 2. Of course, you can also find casino classics such as a blackjack and roulette, though the slot machine games are those which have the highest level of quality. The casino is friendly for tablet users and available on mobile devices as well, and has great potential to flourish in the European market. The overall design of the site has been created to appeal to female players, with a mature design and sophisticated colours used to create feminine overtones. He works and similar feminine colours are used to highlight the feminine nature of the site, with appealing graphics that will really make female players feel at home.

The casino is of course named after Greta Garbo, the famous Swedish actress who has been widely known across the world for being inspirational, sophisticated, and intelligent, as well as beautiful. This is a great role model for the casino to take after, as the creators of Garbo Casino are now looking to break into the English market and to appeal to female players who were to take that level of sophistication as something that they aspire towards. We can look forward to more news of game launches and special offers going on there as time goes on, as they will be keen to make sure that they attract as many new players as possible and really get the word out there to all of the female gamblers who might be looking for a more feminine place to play than the normally male orientated online casino sites which are already out there. Rather than images of scantily clad women to advertise the games, you can now rely on a more sophisticated and mature approach to the advertising, as well as more focused during the events on prizes that female gamblers may wish to win in particular.

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