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Game of the Year Shortlist

When it comes to win during the popular slot machine games, the kind that everyone always wants to continue playing for years to come such as Iron Man 2, we can often spot their quality very early on. Such games can be expected to win big prizes and awards, particularly when it comes to industry professional awards such as those given out by EGR Magazine. The awards which they run have been around for nine years already now, and they have just launched for the very first time the Game of the Year award, which is sure to be very prestigious and carry a lot of weight within the industry.

Odobo are sponsoring the award, and they are the creators of a gaming platform which carries both free and real money gambling titles, so they certainly know what they are looking at. The shortlist has been announced for the award, and the games which are included are as follows: Big Bad Wolf by Quickspin; Blackjack Pro Ace by Playtech; Castle Builder by RABCAT Gambling; Monopoly Plus by International Game Technology; and Super Graphics Upside Down by Realistic Games. What you will certainly notice is that there is a trend towards slot machine games, perhaps because these are the ones that are released more often, and also that there is a wide range and mix of different game developers listed in the shortlist. This really demonstrates the breadth of the online gambling industry, and how many different directions you can go in if you would like to play with different developers. The judges received twenty-one nominations over a period of two weeks, and they declared themselves to be very impressed by the quality of those games which were suggested to them, as this year has seen a range of innovations in graphics and game features.

Allegedly, there was considerable debate as to which games should be narrowed down to be part of the final six, with several popular titles having to be set aside in favour of those which made it into the final shortlist. There were several criteria used to judge the award, including game innovation, production quality, marketing value, and the amount of revenue which has been earned since their launch. Looking at these kinds of statistics, as well as the overall enjoyment of the game itself, the judges will be able to decide which of them has the most worthy package as a whole to be judged the best game to have been released in the last year. The sponsors of the award, Odobo, have also been in the news recently for other reasons: earlier this month they announced that they have their first partnership with an operator, which happens to be with one of the largest and most popular online gambling websites out there – bet 365. The new collaborators have been working together for several months before they made the announcement that they are partners, and bet 365 now plan to distribute several new games which were created using the Game Development Kit created by Odobo.

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