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Gambling and Gaming in Australia

In Australia, the ban placed on social media gaming was first legislated in 2001, but since then it has been reaffirmed in 2013. This means that Australian companies cannot offer real money gambling through games such as Crazy 7 and other popular slot machine titles, but thanks to the ingenuity of gambling companies around the world and the fact that gaming itself is not prohibited, Australian fans are still getting the chance to gamble on Facebook whenever they want to, as well as being able to download casino apps onto their iPhones and Androids which have social elements.

The poker apps and slot apps which are available on mobile devices at the moment are not considered to be gambling, because they do not allow you to directly wager or win real cash. They are known collectively as social casino games, and simulate real-life wagering to keep players using the games, so that you can share it with your friends in order to get extra credits or spins. You can then use real money to purchase in game currency or expansions if you would like to do so, and this means that the companies behind these popular apps are still making a lot of money despite the fact that the ban is in place. This clever way of getting around things is indicative of the gambling industry as a whole, and how companies are constantly pushing the boundaries in order to create something new and exciting that users are going to enjoy. There is really no difference between the gambling apps and those such as FarmVille which ask the player to purchase extra special items and upgrade their game with extra content by paying for it, and so there is absolutely no problem with running them. This is a way to include social media in your gambling without having to do it illegally, which is something that a lot of players in Australia will really appreciate.

Industry reports suggest that the worldwide social gambling market is actually a lot bigger than the real money online gambling market, with 170 million users per month involved in social gambling against just 50 million players per month during real money gambling, though it may well be that these figures are inaccurate. However, the companies are not benefiting as much from social gambling as they are from online gambling, with real money play earning around $36 billion per month in revenue and social gambling generating only $2 billion. This is an interesting comparison, and it seems to suggest that online gambling is still definitely the way to go for companies who want to make cash – but for players who want to just play in a casual way without really risking any money, social media gambling is clearly the right way to go. For those who wish to practice slot play before actually going and doing it for real, there could not be a better option than trying social media games.

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