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Frog Hunter Slot

Launching this week at the 7Red Casino, the new Frog Hunter slot is the kind of game that you see a lot of these days – with five reels across which you can find a range of amusing, cartoon style graphics, this is a video slot game with plenty of interesting features and opportunities to win big.

Those who like their slot machine games to be generic rather than focused on a brand or movie, and yet still remain unique will certainly love this one as it is not like anything we have seen before. The game itself is quite straightforward in terms of game play and special features, and it looks spectacular with brightly coloured symbols set against a black background. The graphics are very crisp and come with a sound effects track and background music that really creates a whole atmosphere for you to enjoy, and enjoy it you will.

The bonuses are actually quite inventive, too, and tie in to what you are seeing on the screen: when you get a dragonfly icon coming up to the left of the female frog, to the right of the male frog, or between the two of them, you will get a bonus payout – of ten, fifteen, and twenty five credits in each case (the implication being that the dragonfly has been eaten, since those are the directions in which the frogs are facing). You also get the chance to double or triple your win when this bonus comes up. Then there is the water lily bonus, in which you trigger a mini game by getting three or more water lily symbols matched up on a pay line. You have to try and jump across lily pads in this game to reach the female frog – but if you are not careful and you land on the crocodile, your male frog will get eaten, which is obviously not the best outcome. You can win some great multipliers in this round. It is certainly one to try out if you have been looking around for something fresh and new, as it manages to add something different to the pool of slot games which are already available online!

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