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Free Spooky Slot Machine App

If you are looking for some free entertainment, then there is nothing better than the chance to download an app for free which will give you access to free slots. One of the most recently released apps which you might want to try out is the Spooky Slot Machine app released by Immanitas Entertainment GmbH, which is designed to be a spooky Halloween themed slot game and you can play on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, so long as you are able to download it. The format of the app is one that you will no doubt recognize, as you just have to you choose your bet, spin the wheel, and see how many coins that you can win, as in any other slot machine game.

The app will take up 44.6 MB of space on your device, and is rated twelve plus as it has frequent simulated gambling, so make sure that you only download it if you have the space on your device available and you will not have children younger than twelve able to use it. It is compatible with iOS 5.0 or later, which means that you will need to have your device updated to the latest upgrades in order to be able to get the best performance out of the app. It has been optimized for iPhone 5, so those who own this type of mobile will be able to get the highest performance and quality levels. You will see a range of great spooky symbols in this app, which has very good graphics and smooth animations, including worms, eyeballs on sticks, bats, and more, all inside the gaping mouth and sharp teeth of a monster. The idea behind the app is that you are looking at the food which is being eaten by the monster, all of it disgusting and sure to provide a fright. You can also purchase upgrades inside the game itself once you have downloaded it for free, so you can carry on playing for longer or improve the experience – the most popular in game purchases include the ability to remove ads for just ninety-nine cents, or adding 2000 credits to your bankroll for $2.99.

You do not have to purchase more credits if you do not want to, and as you cannot withdraw any cash from the app you should consider this to be a fun play slot game only. Still, if you do enjoy playing slots then this could be a good way to spend some time when you just want to play casually rather than having to gamble with real cash. It also provides fantastic seasonal entertainment around the time of Halloween, or just something that monster fans can enjoy year-round as a bit of casual entertainment that they can take on their mobile device with them wherever they go. It is perfect for filling in that time when you do not have anything to do and need to entertain yourself for a little while.

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