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Flamingo Casino Horror

Two law students have been charged for their part in a Flamingo casino horror story which took place in the early hours of Friday morning last week, as they chased down a fourteen year old helmeted guinea fowl in the trees of the wildlife habitat that surrounds the Las Vegas resort. As part of the Species Survival Program, this area is home to many exotic and endangered species of birds which are under the protection of the casino – and these boys should have known better before committing the gruesome act of beheading this poor bird for sport.

The two twenty four year old men have been identified as Eric Cuellar and Justin Texeira, both of whom are studying at the University of California-Berkeley. Apparently, the whole wealth of slot machine games available in the Flamingo Casino and Hotel were not enough to keep them entertained, and they went out into the habitat area instead. They were captured on surveillance cameras going into the trees after the bird according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, and then later emerged holding the severed body minus the head. The footage then shows them laughing about the cruel act that they had carried out, before simply throwing the body away and continuing on their way in search of other forms of entertainment.

After police were alerted to their actions, they were immediately booked into the Clark Country Detention Centre, where they face charges of conspiracy and the willful and malicious torture or killing of wildlife, a crime which they will be able to look up in their text books in order to see what kind of sentence it might offer. It has not been made clear whether they have hired an attorney or are intending to represent themselves, though one images that a criminal conviction such as this might make it difficult for them to complete their course at the university or become fully fledged lawyers themselves. A stupid act of pointless violence may well have ruined both of their lives, though that will be no consolation to the guinea fowl.

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