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Exclusive Pet Slot Game

GSN Games has teamed up with the Best Friends Animal Society to offer an exclusive slot machine game, which is sure to appeal to those who enjoy animal-based games such as Bonus Bears. The new slot game, which is called Pet Pals, will be available through the Facebook app run by GSN Games, and profits which are made through the game will be donated to the BFAS in order to make the lives of dogs and cats in shelters around the USA a little bit easier. With a great cause in mind, this game is sure to be a real hit.

You had better act quickly if you would like to try out the slot game, as it will only be available for one month, making it a limited time offer which is sure to attract more attention. You can log onto Facebook through your mobile device, and then play the game while you are on the go, making it easier than ever to support a fantastic charity as well as getting the entertainment that will make your day more fun and interesting. The slot game takes a simple format and is all the more fun for it, with fifteen pay lines across the reels that feature symbols of lovable cats and dogs just waiting to be adopted. You use virtual tokens to play the game, and in the bonus feature you can choose from several doors which will reveal a family waiting to adopt a pet, determining your bonus at random. GSN Games have promised that they will be donating as much as $30,000 in profit from the game to the Best Friends Animal Society, and the donated money will be used to provide food, medical care, and shelter to animals who will be kept at the nonprofit’s headquarters in Utah. The National organisation focuses on protecting dogs and cats around the country, which is clearly a cause that is close to many people’s hearts.

Jeff Karp, executive vice president of mobile and social games for GSN Games commented, “Our players have expressed their passion to support animal welfare organizations, so GSN Games has responded by partnering with Best Friends Animal Society. With Pet Pals Slots, we’re offering our players an opportunity to raise money for a cause they care deeply about, while doing something they love to do every day.” If you would like to get something a little more worthwhile from your online slots play, then consider trying out this game this month and making a deposit or two through either Facebook credits or your mobile device, so that you can make sure that dogs and cats in Utah have just as happy festive season as you do. With the promise of extremely entertaining slots play on offer, you can be sure that this is the kind of game which is going to demand an encore sometime in the future, whether they use the same game or simply update with a new partnership and a new charity.

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