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Elderly Slots Vandal

A more humorous piece of news for you today, as reports of an elderly slots vandal are coming out of Illinois. A sixty one year old man allegedly poured soda into the bill validation openings on two different slot machines at the Argosy Casino in Alton, causing permanent damage which will now need to be repaired and giving him a criminal charge to his name.

After a technician went to investigate two penny slot machine games that had stopped working on the third deck of the facility a little before 3am on Sunday 18th November, he discovered that a sweet brown liquid – apparently soda – had been poured into the small openings and was damaging the insides of the games. Within seconds, they stopped working. Further investigation found that CCTV had captured Ronald E Hurtado seemingly in the act, and there was the added factor of the machines having had Hurtado’s Argosy player card inserted into them just a little while before they stopped working.

It seems that each of the machines would cost around $800 to repair, so clearly they were not going to just let this man get away with such a blatant act of vandalism. The Madison County State‘s Attorney Office has charged him with criminal damage to property over $300, with a bond set at $20,000. It is not yet clear what was going through Hurtado’s mind when he poured his soda into the first machine: was he annoyed at having lost money on the game? Did he slip and spill his soda there by accident? Or did he just think that it might be something fun to try? Even harder still to understand are the thoughts that were going through his head the second time: had he decided to take the course of dealing out vigilante justice to any machine that did not let him win? Did he want to try and see if the second machine would stop working in the same way? Or was getting a criminal record an item on his bucket list? We await the trial for all important answers.

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