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Dolly Parton Slots

If you are looking for something a little different from your slot machines these days, then here’s a new one for you – slot machines based on the songs and image of Dolly Parton, the enormously famous American singer, whose blonde locks and other assets have become just about iconic. Together with IGT (International Gaming Technology, of course) she has been personally involved in putting the games together, so you can expect real quality from them when you play.

There are set to be three different types, covering both video slot and five reel spinning games, each with a slightly different theme. One is the Dolly Parton Video Slots, another is Two Doors Down, and the third and final is the Nine To Five Spinning Reels machine. No prizes for guessing which songs you will find featured in them! You will be able to select songs at certain points as if you were using a jukebox, as well as accessing themed bonus rounds, front row concert experiences, and the sensation of having Dolly herself cheer you along while you play.

“As you know, I love doing lots of different things and this is the most different thing that I’ve done so far,” she said of the machines. “I’m very excited to be working with IGT with my very own video slot machines and five reel spinning reel games. Wanna play? Well, come on!” We can expect to see these machines for the first time at the Global Gaming Expo, also known as G2E, which takes place in Las Vegas from October 2nd to 4th. Executive vice president of Global Sales at IGT, Eric Tom, had this to say on the event: “IGT’s unrivaled game experiences and localized content has made our games the most sought after on casino floors today. At G2E, our new portfolio will drive unmatched performance for our casino customers. From the excitement of Dolly Parton Slots and the classic action of our new spinning reel and video slot titles to revolutionary game play of our skill-based titles and 3D Multi Layer Display (MLD) technology, we will premiere the fan favorites of the future.”

There is no word yet as to whether this new design will be appearing in online casinos, but you can bet one of those wily developers out there will come up with something similar enough if that is not the case.

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