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Disney Discontinues Slots

Those US players who have enjoyed the Star Wars and marvel slot machines in casinos, such as the popular Iron Man 2 game, will be disappointed by the latest news from the company: they have decided to phase out all of those slots and not to produce any more in order to stay in line with family friendly policies. The studio but all rights to Star Wars for more than $4 billion in October last year and has owned marvel since 2009, and is also trying to prevent new themed casinos from being built in Florida where it has a theme park.

“Marvel discontinued plans to initiate or renew slot machine licensing arrangements as part of its integration with Disney,” a spokeswoman said. “The handful of remaining license agreements have expiration dates within the next few years.” It seems as though the discontinuation of the slot machine games has been in planning for many years, though we have not heard of it until now. It seems sure that the integration of LucasFilm, the parent company owning Star Wars, was made under the same terms, though it is clear that it may take several years for branded slot machines to disappear altogether as licenses are still running. It is not yet clear what is going to be done about slot machines using the brand outside of the US, or those which appear on the Internet, as the statement which was made seemed only to apply to the slot machines inside land-based casinos in the US, where a family friendly outlook is something that obviously appeals to Disney very much. We will have to wait to find out more details as the removal or discontinuation of the slots continues in the future.

They have also made a statement that they are against the idea of bringing a themed casino to Florida, though many have criticized this stance as one that has been created by fear of competition. “We oppose the legalization of so-called destination resort casinos because this major expansion of gambling is inconsistent with Florida’s reputation as a family-friendly destination,” said Andrea M Finger of the Walt Disney World resort. However, other spokespeople have spoken up in defense of the companies who wish to open casinos in southern Florida, saying that it is demeaning for Disney to pretend that they are against casinos for that reason when it is clear that they simply do not want to have other features in the state pulling tourism away from them. Whatever the case, it is clear that there are set to be a lot of new changes going on with both the Star Wars and Marvel empires as time goes on; since the purchase of LucasFilm was completed, we already have received news of a new trilogy of films being planned, and there have of course been plenty of Marvel films released in the last few years since Disney acquired the rights. They clearly have plans that will take these brands far.

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