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Connecticut Slots Revenue

It looks like 2012 was not such a great year for Connecticut slots revenue, as both of the big casinos in the state – Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun – report a decrease in revenues for 2012 as compared to the figures for 2011. This is something of a cause for concern for the owners of the casinos as well as for casinos in general across the US, as the trend seems to be repeated in many areas of the country and suggests that land based gambling may seriously be on the decline.

The figures for slot machine games in December 2012 were down by about twelve per cent for the two casinos when put next to the numbers for 2011, which points to a lower spending rate in the wake of a huge natural disaster (Hurricane Sandy, which ravaged casinos on the coast and caused billions of dollars of damage in various cities and states) and a year which has not been economically strong. The crises in European markets also mean that less international visitors can be found in the casinos at this time, and this is an issue that is really having an impact – not to mention the fact that as online gambling grows, more and more people will stay inside the house rather than travelling elsewhere.

The revenue did not show an increase during any single month in 2012, either. Foxwoods brought in $44.2 million last month, while in 2011 the December total was $548.5 million. In case you do not have your calculators handy, that is a decrease of twelve point one per cent. The percentage was even higher at twelve point two for Mohegan Sun, who brought in $50.0 million in 2012 and $616.0 million in 2011. Now hopes are that 2013 will be a stronger year – with the state keeping their fingers crossed, since a quarter of the revenues from slots are taken in tax and this is money which can really help to keep local communities going and give them the right ingredients to push forwards into a better way of life.

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