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Colorado Casino Closes

Bad news for both the casino industry and the owners of a certain venue, as another Colorado casino closes, presumably due to the fact that they just have not been able to make enough profit since opening in August under a new management. The Gold Rush Casino and Hotel, over in Cripple Creek, was opened at the site of another casino, but has not been able to weather out the Christmas period.

The doors to the slot machine games were shut on Friday of last week for the final time, with all the management unavailable for comment – it is likely that they are moving on and therefore will not be found at the old contact details any more. “We’re busy closing everything down,” said the one security guard who was available to answer the phone at the casino on Friday, which is located at 209 East Bennet Avenue. A public information officer with the Colorado Division of Gaming was able to shed a little more light on the matter: Cameron Lewis revealed that the news was only very recently given to them, too. “They did notify the Division of Gaming yesterday afternoon that they intended to close at the end of the day Thursday,” he said on Friday, suggesting that this was a real last minute decision – perhaps they were waiting until the last possible minute to see if something would come through to help them out.

The Gold Rush site has not been successful in recent years, and perhaps that is not surprising when one considers the history of Cripple Creek as a ghost town, catering mainly to tourists who stopped through on photo tours during the 1970s and 1980s. It was when a casino license was granted to the town in 1991 that things start to pick up again, and now tourism and gambling are more successful than the idea of the ghost town, which has fallen away as populations rise once more. It remains to be seen what the future of the town might be with the casino closed, even if it is only a short while before someone reopens it again.

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