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Classic Film Slot Machines

The Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino is wheeling in some new entertainment this week, with the addition of some classic film slot machines to their line up. Those who visit the casino floor can now revisit some of their favourite movie moments, with some great features available on these very modern machines which really bring the casino up to date with their competition.

The first of the slot machine games is the “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” game, based on the Gene Wilder film which has since sparked a remake. The machine features a 3D game console, Oompa Loompa wild bonuses to create more matches, gobstoppers, and of course the iconic golden ticket which will award you an instant $5000 jackpot. There are fun motion effects which kick in when you activate the ride down the chocolate river sequence too for added entertainment, with a chair that is connected to the whole game to make it feel more realistic. Pick a Hand bonuses and other features also make this all the more fun, including songs from the Oompa Loompas and a total of nine bonus features in all – include elevator rides and free spins, showcasing clips from the film too.

Then there are the Wizard of Oz titles, of which there are two: “The Wizard of Oz Emerald City” and “The Wizard of Oz Haunted Forest”. Both of these machines have 32 inch high definition monitors, which will feature appearances from your favourite characters such as Glinda the Good Witch and of course the Winged Monkeys. The machines were created by WMS Gaming in the Gamefield xD Cabinet with unique and original game play features, and they have six bonus features: the Winged Monkey Random Feature and Free Spins, the Glinda the Good Witch Random Feature and Free Spins, the Haunted Forest Bonus Award, and more. The graphics on these machines really are fantastic!

The casino has also added other machines, in the form of Blackbeard’s Treasure and the Lucky Wheel, in order to provide other forms of entertainment for those who do not enjoy slots themed after films.

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